Sharp Correction in Nifty SmallCap, MidCap indices | Check Out What Technical Indicators Suggest

Mid-caps and Small-caps experience a significant correction. Discover what technical indicators reveal about the future market direction, and explore strategic investment opportunities during these volatile times.

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Small-cap stocks experienced a downturn for the second day in a row, with the Nifty SmallCap 100 index tumbling 2% on Tuesday, adding to a 2% loss from the session before. On Monday, SEBI chairperson, Madhabi Puri Buch, pointed out overvaluation issues in small- and mid-cap stocks, which possibly triggered a fresh sell-off.

“There are pockets of froth in the market. Some people call it a bubble, some may call it froth,” Buch said. “It may not be appropriate to allow that froth to keep building.” 

This adjustment phase has led to a sharp retraction in many stocks that were previously performing well, with drops ranging from 10% to 35% from their yearly highs. As a result, the Nifty SmallCap 100 index has seen a 6% decrease this month alone, representing the largest monthly fall since June 2022.

Technical View

The divergence between the performance of major indices and the broader market is becoming more pronounced. Although the Nifty is setting new records, the small-cap sector has seen a marked decline, bringing its RSI level to below 40, a level last seen in March 2023 that previously indicated a strong market rebound. Now, the small-cap index is not in the oversold territory but has breached its short-term moving averages (20 & 50 EMA). 

Nevertheless, the small-cap indices show an overall positive trajectory, maintaining positions above the 200 EMA. Additionally, both small-cap and mid-cap indices have encountered distribution in recent weeks, although they are currently trading close to crucial support levels.

Market Outlook

Interestingly, a similar pattern was also observed in 2021 that led to a revival in market breadth and pushed the market to new heights. Thus, the coming trading sessions will be critical in determining the overall trend. If Mid-Caps and Small-Caps halt their fall and start rising again, it might indicate a change in market sentiment towards a more bullish outlook overall.

Market Correction Opportunities: The Upside of Downturns

Market downturns can present opportunities, allowing investors to reevaluate and refine their strategies for potentially healthier market dynamics. It is important to note that there is a cost attached to being pessimistic in markets. Research indicates that pessimists tend to invest less in stocks, missing out on significant gains as a result. 

Peter Lynch's insights are particularly relevant, suggesting that the fear of market corrections often leads to greater financial losses than the corrections themselves. He asserts, “Far more money has been lost by investors preparing for corrections, or trying to anticipate corrections that has been lost in the corrections themselves.”

The Power of Time in the Market

One of the key takeaways for investors during these turbulent times is the value of time over timing. Time in the market is more important than timing the market. Historically, the most significant gains come not from predicting market movements but from being consistently invested, allowing compounding to work its magic.

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