Fed’s Policy Fuels Markets: D-Street Sees Record-Breaking Rally

Record Highs at Dalal Street: Fed's Rate Policy & Commentary Ignites Market Rally

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Fed's Steady Hand: Interest Rates Hold Firm

As the festive season kicks off, the US Federal Reserve (the Fed) has gifted the markets with stability, keeping interest rates steady for the third consecutive time in its December meeting between 5.25% and 5.50%.

Injecting further optimism, the Fed's announcement of three planned rate cuts in 2024 has set off fireworks in global equity markets. In response to the Fed's change in stance, the Dow Jones Industrial Average responded with a significant rise, effortlessly breaking the 37,000 threshold for the first time. This rally is coupled with a cooling dollar index and a significant dip in 10-year US treasury yields, now below 4%.

Nifty, Sensex Hit Historic Highs

This pivotal move, deviating from a long period of rate hikes, has not only uplifted the US market but also resonated positively in the Indian financial sphere. Echoing global trends, the Indian market too witnessed a record-setting day. The Nifty index soared beyond 21,200 while the Sensex triumphantly crossed the 70,600 mark, both for the first time ever. 

At close, the Sensex was up 929.60 points (1.34%) at 70,514.20, and the Nifty was up 256.40 points (1.23%) at 21,182.70. This significant milestone was highlighted by the market cap of all companies on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) reaching an impressive Rs 355 lakh crore, bolstered by a Rs 4 lakh crore surge.

Part of this rally can be attributed to the unexpected turn of events catching bears off guard, leading to significant short-covering. However, it's clear that equity markets are vigorously responding to the new signals from the Fed.

nifty, sensex, nifty today, nse, bse, liquide
Nifty 1-Day Price Chart

Powell's Promise: A New Perspective on Rate Cuts

Fed Chair Jerome Powell has rekindled market enthusiasm with a fresh outlook on rate cuts. Contradicting previous assumptions that cuts were reserved for looming recessions, Powell suggests that cuts could also signify a normalizing economy, no longer needing stringent policies. This "Goldilocks " scenario spells good news for the markets.

The markets are now abuzz, anticipating an earlier-than-expected rate cut by the FOMC, potentially as early as March 2024. This forecast, significantly earlier than the initially speculated May timeline, indicates a strong belief in an imminent reduction to 500-525 basis points, with a 17% probability of it dropping to 475-500 basis points.

Despite the prevailing optimism, questions about the timing, extent of potential rate cuts, and achieving inflation targets remain. As the global economic landscape continues to shift, market participants remain vigilant, closely monitoring the Fed's actions and their impact on the global economy.

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