IPO Analysis: Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd vs Bansal Wire Industries Ltd

Emcure Pharma and Bansal Wire IPOs are live! Compare financials, market positions, and growth potential before investing.

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Two mainboard Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)—Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd and Bansal Wire Industries Ltd—have hit the street, aiming to collectively raise ~Rs 2,697 crore. These IPOs will close for subscription on July 05. With strong initial interest demonstrated by a healthy grey market premium (GMP) and robust subscription data, these IPOs are creating a buzz among investors. Here's a detailed breakdown of both offerings to help you decide which IPO might suit your investment strategy better.

Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd: A Pharma Powerhouse with Modest Growth

IPO Details

  • Issue Size: Rs 1,952.03 crore
  • Price Band: Rs 960-1,008
  • Lot Size: 14
  • GMP: 30%

Company Overview

Emcure Pharmaceuticals, founded in 1981, stands as the 13th largest pharmaceutical company in India by domestic sales, specializing in gynaecology and antivirals. With 13 manufacturing facilities, Emcure is a key player in complex injectables and bio-therapeutics.


  • Market Leadership: Emcure holds the top position with a market share exceeding 50% for several molecules across various therapeutic areas.
  • Growth: Emcure has outperformed the Indian Pharmaceutical Market (IPM) with a domestic sales CAGR of 9.7% from FY2020 to FY2024 and an export CAGR of 19.5%.


  • Revenue Growth: Recent years have seen only a 6.4% CAGR in revenue, lagging behind the broader market.
  • Profit Margins: Declining operating profit margins and dependency on volatile export revenue pose significant risks.

Verdict: Subscribe for Listing Gains

Considering the strengths, risks, opportunities and the demanding valuation of 37x trailing earnings, it may be prudent for long-term investors to wait for improved operational execution post-listing. Nonetheless, given the grey market premium (GMP), investors with a risk appetite might consider subscribing for potential listing gains.

Bansal Wire Industries Ltd: Steeled for Growth but Priced High

IPO Details

  • Issue Size: Rs 745 crore
  • Price Band: Rs 243-256
  • Lot Size: 58
  • GMP: 23%

Company Overview

Founded in 1985, Bansal Wire Industries Ltd emerges as a significant player in the steel wire market, operating five manufacturing plants in the National Capital Region (NCR) with extensive market reach across India.


  • Market Presence: Largest manufacturer of stainless-steel wire in India with a strong distribution network.
  • Consistent Performance: Impressive track record with a revenue CAGR of 6%, EBITDA CAGR of 15%, and net profit CAGR of 17% from FY2022 to FY2024.


  • Margin Pressure: Low margins (EBITDA and Net Profit margins of ~6% and ~3%) in the commoditized stainless steel sector and negative cash flow from operations pose challenges.
  • Industry Competition: Intense competition in a fragmented market; Bansal Wire contributes a mere 2% to total production.

Verdict: Neutral

Bansal's high valuation at a P/E ratio of 41x, coupled with industry challenges, suggests a cautious approach. Long-term investors should keep this stock on their radar for a more favourable entry point. Meanwhile, those with a higher risk appetite might consider investing for possible listing gains, as indicated by the grey market premium (GMP).

Conclusion: Navigating Two Diverse Industries

Both IPOs cater to fundamentally different sectors and come with distinct financial dynamics and market positions. Investors should align their choices with their risk tolerance, market understanding, and investment horizon.

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