Supercharge Your Portfolio: The Art of Finding Breakout Stocks through Screeners On Liquide

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Breakout stocks present an exciting opportunity for traders to capitalize on significant price movements in the market. These stocks break above resistance or support levels on high volume, signalling the potential for a strong trending direction. Our comprehensive guide will delve into the world of breakout trading, teaching you how to discover and trade breakout stocks daily using screeners on the Liquide app.

Understanding Breakout Stocks

Breakout stocks are assets that break above resistance or below support levels on significant volume, indicating potential trending solid moves. Both long and short positions can be pursued based on these breakouts, making them a crucial focus for traders seeking profitable opportunities in the market.

Identifying Breakout Stocks

The first step in identifying breakout stocks involves analyzing price charts for recognizable patterns like triangles, flags, wedges, and head-and-shoulders formations. These patterns create well-defined support and resistance levels that traders carefully observe for potential breakouts.

Volume and Price Momentum

Breakouts with high trading volume are typically more reliable as they indicate greater conviction among traders. Paying attention to breakouts with relatively high volume confirms the strength of the movement. Conversely, breakouts on low volume are more likely to fail, requiring traders to exercise caution.

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamentals play a crucial role in identifying breakout stocks. Look for companies with strong financials, increasing revenue, growing profits, and positive cash flow. Robust fundamentals increase the likelihood of a successful breakout.

Staying informed about market trends and recent developments that could impact stock prices is essential. Catalysts such as product launches, regulatory decisions, mergers, acquisitions, and positive earnings surprises can influence potential breakout stocks.

How to Pick Breakout Stocks

Conduct Technical Analysis

Utilize technical analysis tools and chart patterns to identify potential breakout candidates. Stocks with clear support and resistance levels should be closely monitored to gauge their price behaviour.

Using the Liquide App Breakout Stocks Screener

The Liquide App offers a convenient and powerful tool to identify daily breakout stocks. Its screener provides a curated list of potential breakout candidates, saving time on manual stock searches. Investors can access a comprehensive list of stocks ready for potential breakouts, derived from technical and fundamental indicators.

Launch the Liquide App and Access the "Markets" Section

Upon opening the Liquide App, you'll find a user-friendly interface that offers easy access to various features. To explore breakout stocks, tap on the "Markets" section located on the app's main navigation bar.

Explore the "Screeners" Section

Within the "Markets" section, discover a dedicated page with powerful screeners to help you find potential breakout stocks. Tap on the "Screeners" option to proceed.

Select the "Breakout" Screener

Among the available screeners, locate and click on the "Breakout" screener. Note that accessing the "Breakout" screener requires a Liquide One membership or a one-time payment of 100 Liquide coins for non-Liquide One users.

For non-Liquide One members, a one-time payment of 100 Liquide coins unlocks the "Breakout" screener for 7 days. After payment, explore the list of curated breakout stocks.

Liquide One members enjoy free access to the "Breakout" screener. As a Liquide One user, explore the comprehensive list of breakout stocks provided by the screener

Identifying High Momentum Breakout Stocks

Now that you have accessed the curated list, it's time to identify high-momentum stocks for potentially profitable trades. High-momentum stocks exhibit strong and sustained price movements, presenting opportunities for significant profits. Here's how to find high-momentum breakout stocks from the screener list:

Analyze Price Trends: Review the price charts of the breakout stocks to identify those with consistent and steady trends in a specific direction, indicating a higher probability of continuing their momentum.

Relative Strength Index (RSI): Use technical indicators like the Relative Strength Index (RSI) to assess overbought or oversold conditions. Focus on stocks with RSI values within the optimal range, avoiding extreme values that may indicate potential reversals.

Trading Volume: High-momentum stocks are often accompanied by increased trading volume, indicating strong market interest and conviction. Look for stocks that experience a surge in volume alongside their price movement.

Catalysts and News: Investigate recent news and market catalysts that may influence the stock's momentum. Positive news or developments can fuel upward movement, while negative news can have the opposite effect. Identify strong catalysts supporting the stock's momentum.

Price Patterns: Analyze any new price patterns that may have formed after the breakout. Some stocks experience price consolidation or minor pullbacks before continuing their momentum. Identify continuation patterns such as flags or pennants signalling a resumption of the trend.

Fundamental Analysis: Conduct a deeper fundamental analysis of shortlisted stocks, looking for competitive advantages, revenue growth, positive earnings reports, and potential for expansion. Strong fundamentals bolster the case for high-momentum breakout stocks.

Stop Loss and Target Price: Determine your stop loss level and target price before entering any trade to manage risk. Utilize technical analysis and support/resistance levels to define these price points.

Once you have identified potential high-momentum breakout stocks and conducted thorough research, it's time to execute the trade.


Finding breakout stocks for daily trading can be an exciting journey. The Liquide App's screener simplifies the process, providing a curated list of breakout stocks. However, remember that breakout trading involves risks. Success requires analysis, research, and disciplined trading practices. Combine technical and fundamental analysis, make informed decisions, and adhere to a well-defined strategy to increase your chances of success in the dynamic world of breakout trading.

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